Robert Aragon Interview

Upbeat writer and self-taught artist Robert Aragon has thrilled many fans with his award-winning art. When not painting, Robert enjoys collecting art and film memorabilia and playing classical piano. Now, Aragon is choosing to follow his spirit and change paths concerning his career. He will pursue a different passion that will showcase some big ideas in a cute and cuddly way.


Namtar: So, what direction will your professional life take?

RA: I’m leaving all the film genre work that I have been associated with all these many years and I’m devoting all my creative energy towards a very personal project. I have authored and illustrated my very first children’s book. It features the tale of a forgotten tiny stuffed bear who realizes the power of love and a world of endless possibilities. My book is titled A Tiny Teddy named Cuds.

Namtar: What motivated you to do this?

RA: My heart. I vowed to always follow my creative bliss and it was saying it’s time to leave the film genre work. My little character, Cuddles T. Bear or simply, Cuds, has emotionally moved me. Somehow, working on the book has reminded me of what’s important for the child within me and for children of all ages. Dreams of a loving nature and a spirit full of empowering imagination. He is quite an unforgettable tiny teddy bear. He truly is.

Namtar: How did you come up with Cuds?

RA: Well, to be perfectly honest, A Tiny Teddy named Cuds is autobiographical. Growing up as a child, I was always the “tiny teddy” who sat on a shelf all by himself. Sitting between a beautiful doll and the shadow of a ball. I never lost sight of how that felt and that very feeling became a motivating factor in my life. Cuds was a subconscious sort of symbol for me. He had not developed a name or a form, but, I was empowered by him. Regardless of my successes, “Cuds” was always within me. Over time he developed into my character, Cuddles T. Bear… a tiny little black bear with tiny little round feet. Cuds’ is simply adorable!

Namtar: Can you tell us more about Cuds?

RA: Oh, that tiny teddy! Let me tell you! He is simply the very finest of what we can be or should be. I admire his determination and limitless curiosity. But, mostly, I admire his gratitude. He seems to interact and react to his world from that very same grateful place within. So, I think he’s a very wise little bear.

Namtar: So, Cuds is planned for a continuing series that tackle different themes, am I correct?

RA: Yes, every book will have a joyously thoughtful meaning behind it. In Cuds’ second book, he realizes that life is best when shared. I think am important philosophy for all living beings.

Namtar: Interviewing Robert Aragon was an amazing experience. Robert is truly one of the nicest and most positive minded persons I’ve ever met. He wants everyone to know one last thing regarding Cuds.

RA: Well, as Cuds’ would say, “Follow your bliss and follow your heart! Why? Just Be Cuds.”