A message from the voice of Bambi

This is not a “Book Review”. It is a review of the joys that a book titled “A Tiny Teddy named Cuds”, will bring to a million children who are now opening their lives with pictures and the words of young learning, as it should be, called Fun.
As an artist and author, Robert Aragon, already with major awards in portraits and writing meaningful life things, gives Moms and Dads, everyone, a book for exciting small children to happy and thought engine excitement and fun.

I have read and owned as least sixty-five children’s books in my eighty years of life. The first one I read aloud to another was not my Mother. I read it to Boris Karloff, sitting on his lap, between camera takes in the sound stage while making Son of Frankenstein, November, 1939. It made him laugh strongly. That was while he was in his make-up as the Frankenstein Monster; everyone laughed. What a joyful memory that is for me. I was the youngest ” Son of Frankenstein” in that classic movie.

I remember suggesting to Walt Disney, personally, at a luncheon at his studio in Burbank, 1941, that he should make a movie out of two other children’s books that I had just read. I, at the age of seven, worked as the facial model for the artists and was the voice of his classic Bambi.

Mister Disney would have loved to meet Robert Aragon, his artwork that children must love, and his sense of story telling, some just two lines, about the cute life of a little Teddy named Cuds. I intened to get several copies of this wonderful book, easy for children to handle, and personally pass and post them to special care wings of Children’s Hospitals in texas and New Mexico.
Would you like to birth a bright-eyed smile on a little child?
Get “A Tiny Teddy named Cuds”

Donnie Dunagan, Ph.D.